What we do

1.Brand Launch
2.Brand awareness programs for Consumers
3.Sales Channel Development
4.Trade Channel Visibilty Drive
5.Road Shows
6.CSR Activities
7.Customer Accuisition
8.New Market Development
9.Regain Market Share Product Seeding
10.Product Sampling

How we do it

We aim to provide our clients an unmatched experience by providing customised solutions:
1.Brand Central
2.Channel Network


TRIVENI MEDIA helps clients bring the future of work to life-today-in a business enviornment that is being transformed by accelerating globalization and virtualization.

In 2010, we left our traditional roles to launch an agency that was, well, smarter.

A creative agency for reaching even to the remotest part of the country, where we believe, the real potential lies.

We are an unpretentious, flexible, and easy to work with close knit team. With over 3 years of experience in rural & urban marketing we make sure that our clients stand apart from rest of the crowd with innovative and experimental ideas.

As a team we believe in only one thing... innovation aka new ideas which resulted in moving from 1 client to 12, and around 50 brands across different sectors from the past 3 glorious years.